Why Do We Drink Holy Communion?

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Gathering in sacred spaces often brings with it age-old traditions that unite people. The Holy Communion, or Eucharist, is one such profound practice in Christian worship, tracing back to the Last Supper. Involving bread and wine, this ritual is steeped in history and significance, echoing the words and actions of Jesus Christ during His final meal with His disciples. Yet, many still ponder the true meaning behind this symbolic act. Why do we partake in Holy Communion?

The modest wine cup used in communion carries immense historical, theological, and spiritual significance. Its purpose extends beyond ritual; it is a powerful symbol and an essential aspect of Christian devotion. This article aims to shed light on the reasons we drink Holy Communion and the deep meanings embedded in this cherished tradition.

The Theological Importance of Holy Communion

For centuries, Christians around the world have observed Holy Communion to honor and celebrate the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Referred to as the “sacraments of our redemption,” the bread and wine used in communion hold special theological importance in Christianity.

The wine consumed during Holy Communion serves as a vivid reminder of Christ’s sacrificial love on the cross. Symbolizing His blood shed for humanity, it calls to mind the magnitude of His sacrifice. Participating in this ritual directly engages believers with the theology of redemption and forgiveness, central to the Christian faith.

As stated in 1 Corinthians 11:26, Christians partake in Communion to proclaim Christ’s death “until He comes.” This ritual acts as a tangible reminder of the gospel’s truth and the promised return of Jesus Christ. Therefore, the act of drinking Holy Communion is not just participation; it embodies the core of Christian faith and hope.

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Unity Through Holy Communion

Holy Communion fosters a profound sense of unity and fellowship among believers beyond theological significance. When Christians participate in this act, they come together as one community, sharing a common faith and spiritual heritage.

Sharing the Eucharistic cup is essentially participating in a broader communion — a global family of believers. Despite varying denominations and interpretations, Holy Communion creates a deep spiritual connection and unity. Drinking from the same symbolic cup, believers acknowledge their shared faith in Christ’s redeeming sacrifice.

Moreover, Holy Communion encourages believers to reflect introspectively. It is a time for reconciliation with God and others, promoting spiritual growth and interpersonal harmony within the Christian community.

The Transformative Impact of Holy Communion

Often perceived as a solemn tradition, Holy Communion is actually a transformative practice. Drinking the communion wine as a symbol of Christ’s blood signifies the believer’s acceptance of His grace and the consequent transformation of their lives.

Christians believe that participating in Holy Communion nourishes and strengthens them spiritually on their faith journey. This experience serves as an intimate encounter with God, deepening their sense of His love and presence.

Regularly partaking in this ceremony helps believers gain a deeper understanding of Jesus’s life and teachings, enhancing their personal spiritual growth and Christian discipleship. Therefore, the ritual of Holy Communion is a vital channel for continuous spiritual transformation.


In conclusion, Holy Communion, a profound tradition within Christianity, is more than a ceremonial act. It is a powerful symbol of Christ’s monumental sacrifice and love for humanity. We drink Holy Communion to remember Christ’s death, celebrate His resurrection, anticipate His return, experience unity with fellow believers, and foster transformative spiritual growth.

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